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The word "Promotion" is an extreme valuable tool for the marketing of a brand. Like all other tools, promotions can make a valuable contribution to marketing when they are properly used. Promotion, in its broadest sense, provides extra incentives for any group that is an important factor in the marketing of a brand. Although it is most often directed to the consumer or to the trade, it may also be directed to the sales force, or to other influential groups or to all of them at one.


As because we (Rite Info Solution) are in IT solution Provider Company in Delhi, India, we have described some of our promotional tools to show how we care our responsibility towards our work.



The terms “SEO/SEM/SMO” refers to on-page and off-page activity done for a website or business brand. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the work that makes your website familiar / friendly in to the major search engines. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the work that contains numerous promotional options to makes your site popular. SMO (Social Media Optimization) the work create your social pages or share your information in all the social networks like- Facebook, rediff, Myspace, Twitter, etc. This all the promotion work (SEO/SEM/SMO) are only done to make your info very common and easy to find in the search engines.


Mail Campaigning

E-Mail campaigning is basically sending promotional emails or email newsletters to a targeted audience with the objective of generating leads. The frequency of an email campaign and newsletter sending can be daily, weekly or monthly, but it must have a time frame. Our e-mail campaigning application is most effective method of transmitting an e-mail campaign to our target customers.


SMS Campaigning

Online SMS is done to get instant response for business purpose as it is the cheapest and fastest way of marketing in the present time compare to the other marketing options. Communication plays a vital role in Marketing. Till today we have seen newspapers, magazines, television, radio, hording, road shows and Internet as major marketing communication tools. In addition telecommunication has given new gift to us.



eMarketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. The terms eMarketing, Internet marketing and online marketing, are frequently interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous.
eMarketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements and uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers

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